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Current H0 track:

 Number:  The first real track, Fleischmann Modell
 Construction date:  Version 1 started December 2005, finished January 2006
 Updates:  Version 1.1
 Version 2.0 & 2.1
 Version 2.2
 Version 3.0 & 3.1
 Version 3.2 & 3.3
 Version 4.0
April 2006
May 2006
July 2006
November 2006
December 2006
December 2007
 Scale:  H0, 1:87
 Measurements:  Table: 2.60 meters wide by 2.80 meters deep
 Architecture:  Analog, DC powered, electrical
 Transformers:  Fleischmann 6730 trafo, 7,5VA (inner track)
 Fleischmann 6735 trafo, 7,5VA (upper tracks)
 Fleischmann 6755 trafo, 17VA+14VA (outer tracks+switches)
 Bridges:  Kleinbahn
 Design & railplans:  M.L.C. Spoorendonk
 Construction:  J.P.A. van den Baar & M.L.C. Spoorendonk
 Paintwork:  J.P.A. van den Baar
 Electronics & advise:  M. te Hofste
 Electrical installation:  M.L.C. Spoorendonk

Photo taken on 16th of December 2006

The railplan:

 Layers: Full plan Upper level Ramps Lower tracks


Used software:

Download my plans in AnyRail format:
(note: make sure the .any files are associated with AnyRail software on your PC)

Version 4.0 (turntable added and addtional industry tracks,  see image)
Version 3.3 (turning loop added to the causeway,  see image)
Version 3.2 (unloading ramp added for hopper cars,  see image)
Version 3.1 (Sik parking and industry track changed,  see image)
Version 3.0 (30 cm boards added on bottom and right side,  see image)
Version 2.2 (outer pass added for ICE-3 parking,  see image)
Version 2.1 (changed middle parking lane,  see image)
Version 2.0 (new construction of lower levels including 6 new parking lanes,  see image)
Version 1.1  (parking zone changed,  see image)
Version 1.0 (first release,  see image)

Piko track 1.0 (old test-track)
Piko track 2.0 (current test-track)


Used rails:

In the Netherlands via Hobbytime.

Full plan (top view):

The full plan.Up


Upper level (parking, the 8 and turning loop):

On the upper level you see a big 8 + the causeway leading to the parking zone.Up

The full eight has a 560 meter distance in scale.
The parking-lanes + causeway is 250 meters long from stops to exchange.
A turning loop is created by splitting the causeway and connecting this to the eight.


Upramp and spiral down

Ramps connect the lower and upper levels.Up


Lower tracks:

The lower track with lots of arches.Up

The industry tracks also has a turntable and unloading dock.
The lower parking area has 3 tracks.


Test track:
the Piko test track, click to see the layout

The Piko test track board is 1.9 meters wide by 1.1 meters deep.



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